How to become a licensed Medical Aesthetician?

Are you dreaming of becoming one of the most famous and well-known Medical Aestheticians? And your goal is to make your clients even more beautiful and provide solutions to their skin problems that can help them to regain their self-confidence?

Well, you’re on the right spot! Becoming a licensed Medical Aesthetician is not easy, but with perseverance and determination. Nothing is impossible! Let me help you to answer your thoughts about “how to become a licensed Medical Aesthetician and what are the necessary steps and procedures to become one of them!”

Medical Aestheticians: Who are they?

Medical aestheticians are people who acquired skills and knowledge in performing a wide range of treatments on the different layers of the skin. They are well-trained in the different procedures and methods in addressing different skin issues. The medical aesthetician may work in a hospital, dermatology office, or any healthcare facility. Additionally, they may also be employed in specialist clinics or medical spas.

In addition, Medical Aestheticians may also be freelance entrepreneurs who offer contract services and medical practices for clients.

Fast Facts!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012 to 2022), there is about 40% job growth for all skin care specialists. These details exposed and projected the anticipated increase rate of careers in the beauty commerce and business field. As of today, around 47,000 medical aestheticians are working in the US. Hence the records estimated that there would be a 25 percent (more than 11,000) increase rate in this line of industry.

What are the duties and responsibilities of Medical Aestheticians?

Medical Aestheticians are skincare professionals who provide beautification and medical services to improve and treat various skin-related conditions. Their duties include:

· Skin evaluation and examination –Medical Aestheticians are accountable and responsible for physical consultation and analysis of every client. They are the ones to discuss and give recommendations on the benefits and risks of every procedure to be taken.

·Perform and conduct medical/dermatological treatments-Medical Aestheticians are the ones who perform various treatments, surgeries, and operations for associated skin conditions such as chemical peels, micro-needling, injections and fillers, and other skin procedures.

·Provide Pre and post-operative skin and emotional care- Medical Aestheticians are liable to monitor patients before and after treatments. Also, it is very important to provide emotional assistance and lift the confidence of patients, especially those who undergo long-term treatment care.

Prescribe medicines and endorse skincare products - Medical Aestheticians advise patients’ medicines or skincare products depending on the procedure taken. They can recommend lotions, moisturizers, or even drug prescriptions.

Perform Customer Service and Sales Duties- Medical Aestheticians provide and promote high-quality service, which will keep your clients satisfied and return to your office regularly.

Steps in becoming a Medical Aesthetician

Becoming a medical Aesthetician normally follows a standard of steps and procedure. These are the following you need to remember!

1. Meeting the requirements

One of the first steps you need to undertake is to make sure you meet the minimum requirement: your high school diploma or GED. While in some states, you just need to be an RN or higher to perform Botox, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic injectables. Different states have different minimum requirements to consent in performing cosmetic procedures. So you must research the minimum requirement needed in your respectable states.

2. Attend Medical Aesthetician School

Attending Medical Aesthetician School is another step to achieve your dream! You can earn your Aesthetician degree at exclusive and special Aesthetician schools, which offer training and intensive hands-on workshops. You must complete the mandated number of hours in order to be qualified for state licensure. Hence, for you to graduate, you must have also completed a required number of procedures to exhibit your proficiency and skill.

There are different types of classes offered by Aesthetician Schools:

In-person: This kind of class has two separate schedules-one for the instructional portion and the other is for practicum. It is a live course in which students are required to demonstrate their skills in their provided model at the last hour of their class.

·Hybrid: Hybrid mode is a type of Aesthetic class wherein it allows you to learn the instructive portion virtually, through webinars. This course is a live webinar where the instructor is available to answer questions throughout the presentation. Same with in-person class, after completing the educational course, they need to bring models for their practicum.

On-Demand: On-demand course is perfect for medical specialists who are prepared to accelerate their aesthetic education. It provides a pre-recorded webinar that allows all new and inspiring aestheticians to learn their intro courses directly and straightly.

` In addition, you should make sure that the program or course you are attending is accredited as this boosts your applications and employment opportunities.

3. Earn your license and certificate

Above all, to be able to use and utilize your training and knowledge, you should take an examination to earn a license. In the US, it is a must that Medical aestheticians should pass a licensure examination to exercise their skills and expertise. This will be the base and landmark of your hard work and perseverance. The examination usually consists of a written test including scientific concepts (chemistry, human physiology, sanitation, infection control, etc.) and knowledge about Aesthetics practices such as cleansing, extraction, and hair removal procedures while in some federations, a practical test is conducted, which includes cleansing, steaming of face, facial makeup and mask and many more.,

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